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A faulty or non-compliant switchboard is a true hazard. Older switchboards may be easily overloaded by new appliances and increase your risks of shock and fire. Let us upgrade your switchboard so you can enjoy a smooth-running system and peace of mind.

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Signs You Need Switchboard Upgrade

  • You do not have a safety switch
  • Your electrical system is not surge protected
  • You have an older home which may not have the electrical capacity to support your modern-day appliances
  • Your circuit breakers frequently trip
  • You want a more energy efficient home
  • Your insurance company requires an upgrade to provide full cover for your home

What’s Happening When My Power Trips? Could it be the Switchboard?

Your switchboard is the control centre of your home’s electrical system. It has devices called circuit breakers or safety switches. When there’s too much electricity flowing through a circuit or if there’s a fault, these safety mechanisms cut off the power to that circuit.

A faulty switchboard won’t do its job properly. It might fail to trip when there’s a problem, or it might trip randomly due to wear and tear, leaving you without power when you least expect it.

This isn’t just an inconvenience. Overloaded circuits or faults can pose serious risks to your home and your safety, such as potential fires or electrical shocks. If your power keeps tripping, it’s a sign that something’s not right, and getting an electrician to check your switchboard is essential for your family’s safety.

If you live in an older home, your switchboard was not designed to support modern appliances. Although repairs and partial upgrades could help it handle a heavier load, it’s very likely a full replacement is a safer and more cost effective option for the long term.

GlobileNet has decades of experience working in the Hills District and inspecting older switchboards. Based on this experience and the results of our careful inspection, we’ll help you choose between making repairs or a complete replacement, taking into account the costs of further repairs over the years if you don’t do a complete replacement today. Call us today and get an appointment for a free inspection.

Legal Risks of a Poorly Functioning Switchboard

A fault switchboard is first and foremost a safety issue, however it also has the potential to become a legal issue. You may be faced with legal consequences in these situations:

  • When You’ve Received a Defect Notice – This notice tells you that your electrical system does not comply with the safety standards set out by the NSW government. You need to make repairs within a given time frame (usually 21 or 30 days) or your electrical supply may be cut off.

  • If you’ve received a notice, call us today. GlobileNet will provide a certified level 2 electrician, fully qualified to make the necessary repairs and get your electrical system compliant with NSW standards ASAP.

  • In the Event of an Accident or Fire – Insurance policies often require you to meet safety standards. In the case of an accident or fire caused by a faulty switchboard, your claim may be invalidated, leaving you responsible for repair costs and liable to legal claims from affected parties for injuries or damage to other properties.

  • In line with NSW law, GlobileNet electricians always provide their customers with a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work within 7 days. This certificate is also issued to NSW Fair Trading and your electricity distributor. In the case of an accident or fire, you can present this document to your insurance company to demonstrate your switchboard was recently inspected and/or repaired by a licensed electrician according to NSW standards.

  • When Selling Your Property – It’s your responsibility to disclose any known electrical issues to potential buyers. Especially if you’ve had trouble with your switchboard in the past, it’s best to avoid legal disputes by having it inspected and repaired, if necessary, before proceeding with any transactions.

  • GlobileNet is fully qualified to conduct house electrical inspections, including the status of the switchboard, and provide reports that can be legally relied upon in transactions. We recommend this to all our customers preparing to sell or buy.

Types and Features of Modern Switchboards

Modern switchboards are significantly safer and more sophisticated than older models. Staying up to date with the latest technology can help you keep your family safe, avoid disruptions and outages, and save energy.

There are two main types of switchboards:

  • Single phase – These handle most residential home’s needs including lights, fans, TVs, kitchen appliances, heaters, air conditioners and personal devices.
  • 3-Phase systems – These suit residences with higher energy needs due to heavy-duty appliances, large or multiple AC units, saunas, pool heaters, large refrigerators or deep freezers, EV charging stations, etc.

Choosing whether to upgrade to a 3-phase system is not just about the appliances you have today, it’s also about predicting your future energy needs. You might not have that electrical vehicle today, but what about in 5 years?

Modern switchboards usually come with additional features such as:

  • Residual Current Devices (RCDs) a.k.a. “Safety Switches” – These protect your family from electric shocks by cutting off electricity within milliseconds of detecting an electrical current leak.
  • RCBOs – A combined RCD and circuit breaker, providing the highest level of protection against electric shocks and overloading circuits.
  • Surge Protector – Protects your system and appliances in the event of an “over-voltage event” such as lightning or power lines affected by storms or accidents.
  • Arc Fault Protection Device (AFDDs) – Provides protection against fires from arc faults, often caused by old wiring, power points or fuse boxes.
  • Smart Home integration & energy monitoring – Helps you keep track of your energy consumption and optimise your usage for long term cost savings.

Looking after your family both now and in the future is easy with the right support. GlobileNet is here not just to help you meet your home’s current energy needs, but to future proof your house. We’re proud to be up-to-date with the latest technology, and we’ve already helped hundreds of families upgrade their switchboards to stay safe and save costs.


  • Do you have experience in replacing older or outdated switchboards?
    Yes, we’ve replaced hundreds of outdated switchboards.

    With 17 years of experience in the Hills District, we regularly work on older homes. Switchboard upgrades are a common service for us, especially in recent years as many of our customers need newer switchboards to support solar panels or new appliances.

    Plus we won’t just do the replacement, we’ll help you choose a switchboard that meets your current and future needs. Contact us today for a free inspection and consultation.
  • I’ve just received a defect notification about my switchboard. How soon can you upgrade or replace it?
    In this case, we can prioritise your switchboard upgrade. Give us a call and we can be at your premise in 25 minutes.

    A typical upgrade takes around 4 hours, and generally no more than one day. The exact duration will depend on the issues mentioned in the defect notice, the size of the switchboard and scope of work required.

    We can provide a better estimate after an inspection. Contact us today for our earliest appointment.
  • My power keeps tripping and I think it’s my switchboard. How soon can you inspect it?
    Frequent tripping may be a sign of a serious issue, and can lead to electrical fires or shock.

    If you see any signs of sparking, scorch marks, or burning odours on your switchboard (or outlets and switches), please call us immediately for an emergency appointment and we will be with you in 25 minutes.

    In other cases, we still can prioritise your inspection. Contact us today for our earliest appointment.
  • How long will my home be without electricity while you upgrade my switchboard?
    A typical upgrade takes around 4 hours, and generally no more than one day. Your home will be without power throughout the service.

    The exact duration will depend on the issues mentioned in the defect notice, the size of the switchboard and scope of work required. We can provide a better estimate after an inspection.
  • What factors influence the cost of the new switchboard itself?
    The cost of the switchboard is influenced by:
    • Capacity - the size of your home and number of circuits required
    • Type - single-phase or three-phase (for high capacity needs such as EV charging stations)
    • Model - the exact brand, manufacturer and materials used
    • Customisation - e.g. special surge protection, Smart Home or monitoring capabilities

    We’ll always upgrade your switchboard to the latest Australian safety standards, using reliable and long-lasting brands such as Hager, GEC, NEC, etc.
  • Are there any government incentives or rebates available for switchboard upgrades?
    Currently there are no rebates for a residential switchboard upgrade itself, however the NSW government has a “Swap Rebate for Solar” offer available. Eligible homeowner-occupiers can swap their Low Income Household Rebate for a fully installed, 3 kilowatt solar system. Often switchboards need to be upgraded to support solar systems. If you are considering this offer, or installing solar panels generally, contact us for a free switchboard inspection and quote.