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A properly installed smoke alarm is essential for the safety of your home and loved ones. Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve just proudly completed a renovation, we’ll set up your smoke alarm correctly so you’re safe and compliant.

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Signs You Need Smoke Alarm Installation

  • You suspect that your existing alarm is not in working condition
  • After cooking, the air in your kitchen has become thick with smoke
  • An unexpected smell of smoke at home has caught you off guard
  • You are unsure of whether your current smoke alarm meets the required state regulations
  • The absence of a smoke alarm has kept you up at night, worrying about the safety of your family
  • Your existing alarm has sounded in the absence of smoke

Keeping Your Family Safe from Smoke Risks

Smoke alarms are compulsory for all homes in NSW for good reason – they save lives. Research shows that around 40% of fire-related deaths occur while occupants are resting or sleeping, but working smoke alarms halve the risk of fatality in a residential dwelling. If a fire starts while your family is sleeping, working smoke alarms could be the difference between a quick, life-saving escape and tragic circumstances nobody wants to imagine.

Protecting your family starts with choosing the right location and type of smoke alarms for your home.

Where Should I Place Smoke Alarms in My Home?

Although the minimum requirement is one smoke alarm per level, you should install a smoke alarm on the ceiling of all bedrooms and living areas for maximum safety. This should include hallways, stairways and garages.

It is not recommended to install a smoke alarm in or near your kitchen or bathroom, as this can trigger frequent and annoying false alarms.

What Type of Smoke Alarm Should I Use?

Photoelectric smoke alarms are recommended as the most sensitive to smouldering fires. Photoelectric smoke alarms work by “seeing” smoke. They aim light into a sensing chamber and when this light is reflected by visible particles of combustion back to the sensor, it triggers an alarm. This means they can detect fires early, even at the smouldering stage.

You can also find ionisation smoke alarms, which work by “smelling” smoke. They detect invisible particles through a small amount of radioactive material, which triggers the alarm. These particles are generally only produced by flaming fires or very hot surfaces, so although ionisation smoke alarms activate more quickly for fast-flaming fires, they are slower to respond to smouldering fires and therefore less recommended.

It’s best practice to hard-wire and interconnect your smoke alarms. This way your smoke alarms are powered by your home’s electrical system, with a back-up battery. They are more dependable and therefore safer. Interconnection means that when one smoke alarm is triggered, the others will go off too, leading to faster alerts and responses.

If hard-wiring is not an option in your dwelling, your next best option is a 10-year lithium battery. This means you’ll actually replace the unit and its battery every 10 years. Lead or Alkaline batteries are not recommended as these need to be replaced yearly.

You may also want to consider:

  • Alternative Alert Methods – For those with trouble hearing, alternate warning methods include strobe light and vibrating pads.
  • Cigarette smoke alarms – Often installed by owners in Airbnbs, holiday homes, and hotel rooms, these use advanced photoelectric technology to detect cigarette or cigar smoke. When triggered they usually both sound and flash a red warning light.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors – Despite being lethal, carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless. Carbon monoxide is commonly produced in homes by cars, heating systems and cooking appliances. In well-ventilated areas, it is normally not a problem. But where it builds up, it can be deadly. Carbon monoxide detectors in your home and garage are easy to install and could save your life.

When it comes to your family’s safety, it’s worth taking the extra mile. Hard-wiring and interconnecting multiple smoke alarms can seem like a big job, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. GlobileNet is able to hard-wire and interconnect your smoke alarm system, even across multiple levels. Give us a call and take the extra step now, you’ll be protecting your family for years to come.

Staying Compliant with NSW Requirements for Smoke Alarms

All smoke alarms must meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 3786. Failure to meet this standard could cost you up to $550 in a fine. In the event of a fire, missing or non compliant smoke alarms could lead to legal action against you, or affect your insurance claims.

Legally Speaking, Who’s Responsible for Smoke Alarms?

  • Owners are responsible for installing smoke alarms on every level of their homes, caravans, camper-vans and any other residential dwellings including shared accommodation.
  • Landlords are responsible for installing smoke alarms and replacing its battery at the start of the tenancy. They must check smoke alarms every year and, if a smoke alarm is not in working order, they must ensure it is repaired within 2 business days.
  • Tenants are responsible for replacing the battery after the rental agreement has commenced, if necessary. They must notify their landlord if they discover a smoke alarm is not working, if they change a battery, or if they engage an electrician to repair or replace the smoke alarm or battery.

How GlobileNet Can Help Smokey Situations

  • Owners – Setting up hard-wired and interconnected smoke alarms is the best way to protect your family. We’ll design a layout that works best for your family’s living and sleeping arrangements.
  • Landlords – Staying on top of your obligations is easier with a local electrician who knows the house and tenants. GlobileNet can assist you with getting things set up at the start of a tenancy, and from then on communicate directly with your tenants to arrange for checks and repairs. Where these need to be made within 2 business days, we’ll be sure to prioritise your job. And we’ll always forward you a copy of the invoice for your records.
  • Tenants – Where your landlord has not replaced a battery or unit within 2 business days, you are able to arrange this yourself. As smoke alarms are so crucial to home safety, GlobileNet will prioritise this job. We’ll also provide both you and your landlord with copies of an invoice within 24 hours, helping you get reimbursed ASAP.

The Dangers of DIY Smoke Alarm Installation

All smoke alarms must meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 3786. To do so, they must be installed correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Whilst battery-powered smoke alarms can be installed by yourself, hard-wired smoke alarms by law must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Hard-wiring a series of smoke alarms takes expertise, and can be especially tricky in older homes. It involves locating and running cables from a nearby power source to the location of your first smoke alarm, and connecting that to subsequent units. It requires cutting holes in your wall and carefully fitting electrical boxes, plates and finally the units.

When it comes to something so crucial to your family’s safety, it’s worth paying for a professional with experience. GlobileNet has 17 years of residential electrical experience, including with older homes in the Hills District. Don’t risk doing it yourself and don’t leave the job for later. Give us a call today and we’ll get your home’s smoke alarms updated and interconnected ASAP.

Modern and Smart Home Smoke Alarm Models

Smoke alarm technology continues to improve with features including:

  • Dual sensor – Combining photoelectric and ionisation sensors for rapid detection of both flaming and smouldering fires.
  • Combined carbon monoxide detector – Protect your family from fire dangers and carbon monoxide poisoning with one device. Testing and replacing one device at a time is so much easier than two at different times; these 2-in-1 devices make it easy to look after your family’s safety.
  • Wireless interconnection – These devices use radio frequency signals to interconnect, leading to multiple alerts when one is triggered and faster response times.
  • Smart Home Integration – Connecting with your home’s Smart system, these devices can trigger alerts in multiple rooms and even send notifications directly to your smartphone. Perfect for travelling or parents away from home.
  • Hush button – This feature allows you to silence the alarm temporarily in the case of false alarms, e.g. cooking smoke. This gives you time to clear the air without bothering your family or neighbours.
  • Alternate or multiple alert methods – In addition to standard beeping sound alerts, modern alarms can use lights, voice alerts, and mobile notifications. Ideal for those deaf or hard of hearing.
  • End-of-life warning – Modern alarms alert you when it’s time to replace the unit, usually through a low battery warning sound.

The important thing is to find the right set of smoke alarms for your family’s safety based on your home’s unique layout, and of course, your budget. Instead of trawling through online websites, save your time by giving GlobileNet a call for a free onsite consultation and tailored advice.


  • My smoke alarm is ringing and I can’t stop it. Can you provide some quick over-the-phone instructions so I can stop it myself?
    Yes, give us a call on 1300 723 753 and we can help stop the alarm from ringing over the phone at no cost.

    If we can’t figure it out over the phone,we can make an emergency onsite visit to your place and get it sorted then and there.
  • Are you familiar with the legal requirements for smoke alarms in NSW and the Hills District?
    Yes, as local Hills District residents we’re up-to-date with both the State and Local Council requirements.

    • General Requirement - Smoke alarms to be installed on every level and in hallways near bedrooms
    • Landlords - You are responsible for replacing smoke alarms within 10 years of manufacture and changing the batteries every year (or according to manufacturer’s instructions)
    • Tenants - You are entitled to at least one working smoke alarm on every level of your home, and responsible for notifying your landlord if one isn’t working
    • Caravan, camper-van and motorhome owners - You are also required to install at least one working smoke alarm near the bed, and one in the annex if people are sleeping there.

    However, our goal is to ensure your family’s highest safety, not just meet requirements. If you need smoke alarms installed or a battery changed, contact us today.
  • Can you visit my home for an inspection before recommending the appropriate smoke alarm setup?
    Yes, we can provide a free inspection and quote.

    It’s important to not only meet State and Council requirements, but ensure the highest safety for your family. We often recommend installing more smoke alarms than the required amount, and ensure your alarms are fully interconnected.
  • I have a battery powered smoke alarm and have tried replacing the battery for the first time myself. I think it works, but want to be sure. Do you do call outs for small inspections like this?
    Yes, your safety is our priority. We’ll do a free call out for first time customers, and a $100 fixed fee call out for existing customers.