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As specialists in residential electrical work, we’ll provide your home with the best service possible. We’re not a big company working on commercial sites, we’re a small team of dedicated and expert residential electricians here to help you and your family.

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Consultation Before Working On Every Job

You know what you need on a high level, but the devil is in the detail. Before each job, we provide in-depth consultations on the various options available to you, the benefits and risks of each, so that you can make the best informed decision for your beautiful home.

Transparent Quote and No Hidden Fees

Nothing sours an otherwise good experience than an unexpected (and large!) bill. With GlobileNet, you can expect a fully itemised, fully detailed, and fully transparent quote with no hidden fees so that you know exactly what you're getting at exactly what price!

Workmanship Guarantee

We pride ourselves in our quality, lasting, and worldclass electrical workmanship. That's why we confidently put our reputation to the test and offer all our customers a 12 Month guarantee on all workmaship carried out by our electricians.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Chances are, you've hired an electrician in the past, only to find that once the job is done, they're not interested in you any more. We regularly touch base with our customers to make sure everything is in working order, and if something is not working properly, come and promptly fix the issue. Talk about care!

Local and Friendly

Sometimes, all we want is a patient, friendly, and honest electrician to ask a few questions about our electrical needs. So whether it's something as small as fixing a broken light, to something as big as installing and designing your backyard garden lighting, just give us a call and we'll sort you out!

Signs You Need Residential Electrician

  • You want an electrician that understands home electrical systems, whether they be houses, townhouses, apartments, units, duplexes, and even grannyflats.
  • You require an electrician who understands the needs of a home owner
  • You require home-specific electrical advice
  • You’d like an electrician who can happily provide small fixes and provide DIY electrical advice
  • You want to ensure that you’re being charged fairly
  • Knowing that your electrician adheres to the correct residential safety regulations is important to you
  • You want to trust that your electrician is licenced to carry out jobs in your home

Our Past Work

Residential Specific vs. Commercial or “Do-it-all” Companies

With so many electricians out there, it’s hard to know how to pick the one that’s right for your home. Here’s a few things to look for:

Specialising in Residential Electrical Work

Companies that market themselves as “do-it-all” often lack the speciality to do residential work well. Electricians who frequently work on commercial jobs get used to larger systems, big projects and higher voltages. For example, they set up the same lighting across several meeting rooms.

This means they might not be well-trained to consider the quirks of your home’s electrical system, especially if older, each room’s individual qualities and your aesthetic preferences. In contrast, a specialised residential electrician takes each house as a home, unique in both structure and occupants.

For the GlobileNet team, no job is too small, no request too unique. We’re here to listen to your concerns, look closely at your home’s electrical system and wiring set-up, and work together to create the functions and aesthetics you desire for your home.

Respect for Your Home

A great residential electrician treats your home like their own. Some electricians, often used to working on commercial sites, will wear dusty work boots. And if they’ve worked in offices with janitors, they might not think to clean up.

GlobileNet electricians will always show the highest level of respect to your home. We take care to not scratch, scuff or otherwise damage walls, floors, furniture, etc. And when a job is done, you can trust us to clean up completely after ourselves. We don’t just leave it how we found it, often we leave it cleaner than we found it!

Child-Safe Work Practices

In commercial spaces, an orange cone will be enough to keep people out of the way. Try that with your 3 year old. Anyone with kids knows a bit of red tape doesn’t keep them out of the way. With electrical work using a range of dangerous tools, the risks of injury should not be ignored.

Our electricians are careful to use child-safe practices from start to finish. This means only unpacking the tools we’re using right now, and packing them away immediately after we’ve finished. It means laying ladders down when not in use and using temporary covers or guards when working on outlets, switches, or other openings. It also includes choosing child-safe powerpoints and cable management strategies to keep wires out of reach of little ones, precautions commercial electricians are unlikely to think of.

Fair and Affordable Rates

If a company does it all, they probably have fixed, and often higher, prices than a specialised team. Commercial firms tend to have higher call out fees and set rates. They are also less likely to meaningfully consult with you before coming to do a job and may not provide you with an itemised breakdown of their fees.

GlobileNet takes our price transparency seriously. We always consult and quote before beginning a job, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises when you get the bill. Our fees are tailored to the specific job you need done, and we provide itemised invoices to all our customers. So rest assured you’ll get fair and affordable rates, every time.

Caring For Your Home and Family

A great residential electrician takes care of your whole house and family, both for now and the future. This includes considering things like:

Multi-function Rooms

You want each room to cater for your needs as members of your household shift between work and play, study and socialising. Think adjustable lighting, device and network connectivity, USB and powerpoints in convenient locations, and Smart Home integration.

No matter how many rooms or family members, GlobileNet will work with you to find creative and cost-effective solutions. Unlike other electricians looking to get the job done quickly, we take a consultation first approach, making sure to understand your whole family’s needs before getting to work.

Future Proof

Thinking of kids or pets in the future? Don’t wait until they’re on the way to think of their safety around electrical equipment, or pet surveillance when you’re out at work. Already have kids and watching them grow up too quickly? As they grow so too do their electrical and charging needs, whether for school or leisure.

The GlobileNet team can help you future-proof your home today with child and pet-proof powerpoints, CCTV systems, data and network cabling upgrades, and more. We’ve helped hundreds of families with our comprehensive services and forward thinking approach, and we’d love to help yours.

Energy Efficient

Looking after your family includes looking after your wallet. With rising costs of living and financial pressures, making your home more energy efficient now is a great way to save money. The investment in technology today will save on electrical bills for years to come.

GlobileNet is proud to be energy efficient for 13 years. This means we prioritise energy efficiency in everything we do. We’re passionate about using the latest technology to not only improve our customer’s quality of life but save on energy and costs. From energy efficient lighting, ceiling fans and other appliances to timed AC and heating, including Smart Home integration, we’re always looking for ways to make our customer’s homes more energy efficient. If you’re looking to cut down your energy bill, give us a call to get started with a free consultation.

Experts in All Types of Dwellings and Residents

Different types of dwellings have different electrical systems, applicable safety regulations, and possible social issues. It’s important for your electrician to be experienced in working with your type of dwelling, across the relevant codes, and considerate of your neighbours.


Standalone houses have the advantage of their own, separate electrical systems. The disadvantage of this is that the responsibility rests on the owners alone to keep things well maintained, there’s no concerned neighbour reminding you or strata body looking after things. In many cases, this means electrical systems are not properly maintained and, especially for older homes, electrical hazards are left unchecked. It’s not until you get a Defect Notice in the mail or, worse, experience an electrical fire, that owners realise the problem.

GlobileNet understands the fast pace of life can lead to home maintenance ending up on the backburner. That’s why we help our customers keep good records of their home’s maintenance and call to remind them when it’s time for a check up.

Townhouses and Duplexes

A shared wall or two makes a difference to how an electrical works in your home if you live in a townhouse or duplex. Electricians need to be mindful of shared spaces and structures particularly when running wiring, installing outlets, or making any modifications to the electrical system to avoid affecting adjacent homes. They must comply with local codes including specific requirements for shared walls. They also need to consider potential noise disturbances and privacy concerns of your neighbours.

Our team is well across the local codes and electrical standards for townhouses and duplexes in the Hills District. We do our best to work in time with both you and your neighbours’ schedules, avoiding early morning or evening work where possible. If needed, we’re happy to discuss our work with your neighbour too so they know their system will not be interfered with and have peace of mind that their home will be respected.

Apartments and Units

Living in an apartment or unit also means shared spaces and structures, as well as strata bodies and often landlords and tenants. It’s important your electrician knows the applicable codes, understands the interconnected nature of these electrical systems and works carefully not to disrupt others’ power. An electrician will need to coordinate with property managers and other residents to schedule work and gain access to electrical panels or wiring. They will also need to consider privacy and noise complaints.

GlobileNet’s experienced team is very comfortable coordinating with your strata body, landlord or tenants. We stay informed of all local codes and electrical standards, including those of apartments and units. GlobileNet electricians make respect a priority, including towards your neighbours, and do our best to minimise noise complaints by working daytime hours and communicating with your neighbours the nature and duration of the work in advance.

Granny Flats

These dwellings may have separate or shared utility connections. Determining this is the first step in providing quality electrical services. They often have a lower load capacity than standard dwellings, so residents are usually looking for energy efficient solutions. Electricians need to know the local codes specific to granny flats, and communicate clearly with the homeowners to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

Our dedicated team is always ready to go the extra mile. We take the time to chat with all parties – grannies or other granny flat occupiers, homeowners, landlords and tenants – to make sure everyone is on the same page before we start our work. We’ve been energy efficient for 13 years and love to look for creative and cost-effective solutions for our customers, particularly those in small spaces like granny flats. We also stay across council, state and national codes so you can trust our work is compliant and up to safety standards, no matter the size of your home.

The needs of homeowners and tenants also vary significantly, especially when it comes to compliance obligations. It’s crucial that your electrician understands these differences and keeps on top of any changes.

For example, the law in NSW around smoke alarms in rentals was updated in 2020 to place more responsibility on landlords and agents to ensure the smoke alarms in rented homes were in working order, including via annual checkups.

GlobileNet electricians make sure to stay across these relevant regulations and their updates, and help our customer’s stay on top of their compliance obligations. Whether you’re a landlord and not sure the last time your rental was checked, or you’re a tenant and experiencing electrical issues, GlobileNet can help you get your home safe and compliant ASAP.

“One-Stop” Shop for Quality Work at Affordable Rates

It’s hard enough finding one quality tradesperson: asking around, googling, reading reviews, making the calls and scheduling appointments. Once you’ve found one you can trust, you don’t want to keep looking.

GlobileNet is a small team with a wide range of services. Our electricians are selected not just for their training and qualifications, but their attention to detail, safety-first approach and respectful attitudes. With decades of experience, we’ve worked hard to specialise in a variety of services. When we say “For All Things Cable”, we mean it, but our services extend even beyond this:

  • Emergency Electrical Work
  • Electrical Repairs & Maintenance
  • House Electrical Inspection
  • Switchboard Upgrade
  • Data & Network Cabling
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
  • Pool Lighting
  • CCTV Installation
  • Smoke Alarm Installation & Testing
  • Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair
  • Powerpoint Installation & Repair
  • TV & Dryer Wall Mount Installation
  • Smart Home Setup and Integration

Where a job falls outside our expertise, we’ve got a broad network of trusted specialists. We won’t just give you a referral, we’ll even help you coordinate appointments with them. Let us take the hassle out of home improvement, call GlobileNet today.


  • Are you familiar with Local Council rules and regulations for residential properties?
    Yes, we’re 100% across and up-to-date with Local Council requirements for residential properties.

    As we exclusively service (and live in!) the Hills District, we stay well informed of any changes to Local Council rules and regulations that affect your home and our services.

    You can trust that our work is fully compliant with local, state and Australian requirements and that we’ll be the first to contact you if there’s any changes that affect you.
  • Do you have experience working with older homes and their unique electrical systems?
    We’ve been working with older homes in the Hills District for 17 years.

    We understand older electrical systems come with unique challenges and take special care to manage and maintain. For example, older residential areas are typically single-phase wired instead of three-phase wired. We know it can be frustrating to deal with power disruptions caused by old systems. We’re also aware the wiring and switchboards in many older homes are not compliant with current Australian standards.

    So whether you’re looking to replace old wiring, upgrade your switchboard, or simply install new appliances, we’ll provide experienced advice and service for your home and its particular needs.
  • I’m concerned about the safety of my older home. What sorts of services or upgrades would you recommend?
    The safety of your home and family is absolutely a priority. Whether you’re already noticing problems or not, it’s recommended to get an electrical maintenance service every 5 years, especially if you live in an older home. This includes testing of your power outlets, connections, board and circuit breakers, lighting, heating, ventilation and AC and more depending on your unique system. We’ll also check for the early stages of cable deterioration and make repairs to prevent your risk of fire.

    Depending on your home, we may also recommend:
    ● Rewiring up to current Australian standards
    ● Switchboard upgrades
    ● Replacing old appliances
    ● Additional wiring and power point installations

    To get started, we’ll visit your home and provide a free preliminary inspection and quote. Contact us today to arrange a time.
  • Do you service all types of residential buildings including houses, apartments, units, townhouses, and granny flats?
    Yes, after 17 years of electrical experience we’ve worked on all kinds of homes in Sydney's Hills Area.

    We’re familiar with the differences between standalone homes and other types of dwellings, and the challenges presented by shared systems and access restrictions when it comes to electrical services. We’re experienced in communicating with homeowners, tenants, strata companies and other tradespeople to make sure our service to you is efficient, compliant with relevant building codes, and fully covered by insurance.

    No matter what type of dwelling you live in, you can trust us to provide you with the best service possible.
  • I’m renting my home. Can you provide an itemised quote and later receipt for my landlord’s records?
    Yes, we’ll provide both you and your landlord with an itemised quote and receipt. We’re also available to answer any questions your landlord may have to ensure they understand why your home needs a particular service and are happy to cover the costs fully.
  • My house is in the process of being built. Do you service homes still under construction?
    Yes, we absolutely provide services to homes still under construction.

    We’ll work closely with your builders and contractors to create a customised electrical and network plan that meets your specific needs and preferences. We’ll help you design a lighting layout, choose energy-efficient fixtures, and install any special features you desire such as Smart Home systems, CCTV systems or an EV charging station. We’ll ensure your new home wiring is safe and compliant with local, state and national regulations.

    Don’t take a risk with your new home. With 17 years of experience, you can trust us to set up your electrical system correctly the first time. Contact us today to arrange a free site visit and consultation.
  • My new home has just been built. Can you handle electrical requirements in newly constructed houses?
    Yes, we provide comprehensive electrical services to newly constructed homes.

    We’d recommend starting with a thorough electrical inspection to make sure your wiring, powerpoints, switching, lighting, etc. are properly installed and meet current safety standards. If issues arise, we’ll troubleshoot and repair them quickly, leaving your new home safe and sound for you and your family.

    We’re able to install indoor and outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, smoke alarms and any other electrical appliances you desire, and integrate these into your Smart Home system. We can also set up your data and network cabling layout, so your home is connected from day one.
  • Is it safe to do my own electrical work at home to save money?
    We have a strong culture of DIY in the Sydney Hills Area, which you can tell by the number of Bunnings stores we see around us. This, unfortunately, sometimes extends to home electrical work.

    Changing a lighbulb is fine. Trying to fix the broken fuse in your microwave - probably not.

    In order to save a few bucks and some time, you risk doing more damage to your property by doing DIY electrical work at home if you don't know what you're doing. We're experts in all things cable and electrical. Give us a call and we'll sort you out.