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Every room needs a good set of well-placed powerpoints. Whether it’s for your TV in your living room, computer in your home office or charging station in your bedroom, we’ll do whatever customisations or relocations for your unique needs.

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You know what you need on a high level, but the devil is in the detail. Before each job, we provide in-depth consultations on the various options available to you, the benefits and risks of each, so that you can make the best informed decision for your beautiful home.

Transparent Quote and No Hidden Fees

Nothing sours an otherwise good experience than an unexpected (and large!) bill. With GlobileNet, you can expect a fully itemised, fully detailed, and fully transparent quote with no hidden fees so that you know exactly what you're getting at exactly what price!

Workmanship Guarantee

We pride ourselves in our quality, lasting, and worldclass electrical workmanship. That's why we confidently put our reputation to the test and offer all our customers a 12 Month guarantee on all workmaship carried out by our electricians.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Chances are, you've hired an electrician in the past, only to find that once the job is done, they're not interested in you any more. We regularly touch base with our customers to make sure everything is in working order, and if something is not working properly, come and promptly fix the issue. Talk about care!

Local and Friendly

Sometimes, all we want is a patient, friendly, and honest electrician to ask a few questions about our electrical needs. So whether it's something as small as fixing a broken light, to something as big as installing and designing your backyard garden lighting, just give us a call and we'll sort you out!

Signs You Need Powerpoint Installation

  • The existing powerpoint placement in your home does not suit the layout of your furniture
  • You have an older home that lacks the number of powerpoints required
  • The mass of extension chords in your living room look messy
  • You fear that you will overload an existing powerpoint due to multiple adapters and extension chords
  • You’ve recently purchased new appliances that require updated powerpoints
  • Upgraded powerpoints are needed for you to install a smart home system


  • Powerpoint – technically known as a “general power outlet (GPO)” or “socket outlet”. Standard residential powerpoints are 10A, but in some cases such as garages you will find 15A sockets to support high-powered appliances.
  • Powerboard – may also be known as a “power strip”, “multi-plug” or “multi-box”. It’s a portable block of multiple electrical sockets attached to a flexible cable that allows one powerpoint to supply power to several appliances at once.
  • Extension cord” – also called an “extension cable or lead”, “power extender” or “drop cord”. It is a portable, flexible cable with a plug on one end and a receptacle on the other, allowing a device to be plugged into a powerpoint from a distance.

Best Practice with Powerpoints, Powerboards and Extension Cords

It is best practice to plug a device directly into a powerpoint, not a powerboard or via an extension cord. A powerpoint will provide a stable voltage, whereas a powerboard or extension cord may create a “voltage drop” as it travels a longer distance to your device. Multiple devices drawing power from one socket create excess heat which damages your wiring, leading to risks of short circuits and fires. It also causes overloading which leads to tripped circuits and inconvenient outages. Finally, the cords create a tripping hazard and eyesore.

Installing additional well-placed powerpoints is one of the easiest ways to improve the safety of your family, and electrical devices, but doing so requires electrical expertise. DIY electrical work is illegal in NSW, not to mention difficult and dangerous. Whilst using them is simple, installing a powerpoint is complex. First off, you need to identify a spot that’s close enough to an existing power source and cut a correctly sized hole in the wall. Then you’ve got to carefully identify and wire the three terminals (hot, neutral and ground) from the existing source to your new outlet. Finally, you need to attach the faceplate and fit it securely.

Without experience, it’s easy to miscalculate the size of the hole, select the wrong gauge of wire, mix up the terminals or not connect them properly. All of these mistakes create immediate or future hazards for your family. Don’t risk a DIY job, call GlobileNet today and let our team of licensed electricians take care of it.

Keeping Your Little Ones Safe: Child-Safe Powerpoints

Children have a significantly higher risk of electrical injury from contact with electrical cords or outlets. It’s best practice to limit your use of powerboards and extension cords. If you must use them, try placing or mounting them above the reach of children.

For years we’ve used removable safety inserts or caps to cover powerpoints and protect children. However these rely on the adults to remember to put them in. You may also have seen outlet boxes with covers that hinge over when not in use. This provides a physical barrier and is a good safety feature, but can be bypassed by curious kids.

Modern childsafe powerpoints now come with built-in safety features:

  • Spring-loaded shutter – automatically covers the electrical contacts when not in use and only opens when both prongs of a plug are inserted simultaneously. This prevents children from inserting small objects, such as hairpins or paperclips into the outlets, reducing the risk of electric shocks. Also known as “tamper-resistant outlets” or “sliding covers”.
  • Integrated GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) – detects detects imbalances in electrical currents and quickly cuts off power to prevent electric shocks. GFCIs are especially important in areas where water is present, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and protect not just children but adults too

Instead of relying on your memory or a simple cover, keep your kids safe by installing a childsafe powerpoint with automatic protection. GlobileNet’s team of qualified electricians switch out your standard powerpoint for a childsafe powerpoint in less than [1 hour?]. We are flexible with our appointment times and can work around your family’s schedule. Plus we also use child safe practices during work: we put our tools away, keep cables and other equipment stored, lay our ladders flat and always clean up afterwards.

You don’t need to worry or watch your kids like a hawk if you know your home is childsafe. Get GlobileNet to switch your powerpoints to childsafe versions, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your kids are safe to roam.

Location, Location, Location

How many extension cords and powerboards do you currently use? Does it bother you? You might think of these as convenient solutions, but imagine if you didn’t need them. Imagine a life free from excess cords – no tripping hazards, no eyesores, and much safer for your family. Imagine having plenty of powerpoints – and in the locations where you actually need them. No cords, just directly plugged in devices.

A professional electrician can help you achieve this through options such as:

  • Double outlet – Sometimes two is just better than one, and switching a single outlet for a double may be all you need to support your power supply needs.
  • Relocating a powerpoint – When you haven’t built a house yourself, the location of powerpoints often doesn’t suit your particular use of a room. By moving a powerpoint or two, you can enjoy a space designed for your needs – powerpoints where you need them, clean walls where you don’t.
  • Adding a powerpoint – The number of devices the average family uses has increased exponentially over the last few years, but our electrical systems haven’t kept up. Adding powerpoints allows you to plug in all your devices without the use of powerboards, evenly distributing electrical flow and preventing overloading.
  • USB outlet – Avoid the clutter of USB adaptors with a simple, clean USB outlet in the location you commonly charge your phone or other personal device.

GlobileNet has helped hundreds of families detangle themselves from extension cords and powerboards. Give us a call today for a free on-site consultation. We’ll assess your space, current electrical system setup and learn your desired powerpoint locations. From there we’ll create a logistic plan, book in an appointment and get you cord-free in no time.

Getting it All Integrated - Smart Home Installation & Powerpoints

Transitioning to a Smart Home system is cool and fun and exciting! ….And confusing and frustrating and stressful. It often takes a lot more work and adjustments to get a Smart Home fully set up than people realise.

Some Smart Home systems require or work best with upgraded powerpoints. Without a new powerpoint, you may miss out on features such as:

  • Remote & Voice control – Turn a device on or off at the powerpoint from anywhere via your smartphone or a voice command.
  • Automation & Scheduling – Program devices to turn on or off at specific times or in response to certain conditions. For example, lights can be programmed to turn on at sunset or a coffee maker can start brewing in the morning.
  • Energy monitoring – Use built-in energy monitoring features to track the energy consumption of connected devices and receive insights into usage patterns.
  • Scenario Control – Create a particular set up with multiple devices with a single command, e.g. “movie night” triggers your Smart Home system to dim the lights and power on the TV and sound system.

In cases where upgrading the entire power outlet is not feasible, smart plugs may provide the same functionality. These are devices that plug into existing outlets and make them “smart” by providing remote control and automation features.

We have helped families all across the Hills district transition to smart home systems, making their lives easier and more convenient. Part of our know-how is knowing how to install the right type of powerpoint in the right location based on the home layout and the customer’s vision for their home. If you’d like to join the ranks of our customers and neighbours who have experienced our powerpoint installation and upgrade services firsthand, get in touch with GlobileNet today.


  • One of my powerpoints isn't working. Do you charge a call out fee to inspect the issue?
    Our fixed call out fee is $100, but free for first time customers. Contact us today to lock in our earliest appointment.

    Note: A powerpoint not working may be a sign of an underlying issue such as frayed wires, which can lead to electrical fires or shock. If you see any signs of sparking, scorch marks, or burning odours on your switchboard (or outlets and switches), please call us immediately for an emergency appointment and we will be with you in 25min.
  • I’m redesigning a room and need powerpoints added or relocated. Can you visit my home and provide a consultation?
    Yes, absolutely. We’ll provide a free on-site consultation where we assess your room, understand your needs and design preferences, and provide you with a quote for our services.
  • I’m worried about overloading my circuit board. How will you make sure new powerpoints won’t overload its capacity?
    Your safety is our priority. Before making any changes to your electrical system, we'll assess the capacity of your circuit and the electrical load of your existing appliances.

    If your circuit has capacity, we’ll quickly install the new powerpoint(s). If not, we’ll discuss options to increase the capacity of your system, including options such as a switchboard upgrade.
  • Do you have experience working with older homes and their unique electrical systems?
    We’ve been working with older homes in the Hills District for 17years.

    We understand older electrical systems come with unique challenges and take special care to manage and maintain. We’re especially aware that older homes are typically single-phase wired and have limited electrical capacity. For this reason, before making any changes to your electrical system, we'll always assess the capacity of your circuit and the electrical load of your existing appliances.

    If your circuit has capacity, we’ll quickly install the new powerpoint(s). If not, we’ll discuss options to increase the capacity of your system, including options such as a switchboard upgrade.
  • Can you install child-safe powerpoints? What about weatherproof powerpoints?
    Yes, your family’s safety is our priority.

    Our child-safe powerpoints are tamper resistant with built-in shutters, preventing your children inserting objects or little fingers into the sockets.

    Our weatherproof powerpoints have a sealed design and built in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, as well as weatherproof covers that protect from rain, dust and snow.
  • I need to connect devices in my home office, and figured a multi outlet powerboard would be enough. Do I actually need to install an additional powerpoint wall socket for my setup?
    Yes - we’d recommend installing one or more additional powerpoints as a safer and more permanent solution.

    Connecting multiple devices to a powerboard runs the risk of overload, leading to fire or shock. This risk is increased with extension cords, not to mention this is a tripping hazard. Plus, both powerboards and extension cords deteriorate over time.

    In contrast, additional wall sockets provide a reliable supply of electricity to each device. They are more aesthetically pleasing and reduce your tripping hazard.
  • Our family is always fighting over powerpoints to charge our devices. Can you install multiple USB powerpoints in convenient locations?
    Yes - USB powerpoints are a great solution to charging needs for larger (or smaller!) families.

    We’ll assess your space, existing wiring and desired charging locations. We’ll then install USB powerpoints in the places you need them most, running additional wiring if needed.

    Don’t let a lack of powerpoints cause family conflict. Contact us today for a free on-site consultation and quote.