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You know what you need on a high level, but the devil is in the detail. Before each job, we provide in-depth consultations on the various options available to you, the benefits and risks of each, so that you can make the best informed decision for your beautiful home.

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Nothing sours an otherwise good experience than an unexpected (and large!) bill. With GlobileNet, you can expect a fully itemised, fully detailed, and fully transparent quote with no hidden fees so that you know exactly what you're getting at exactly what price!

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We pride ourselves in our quality, lasting, and worldclass electrical workmanship. That's why we confidently put our reputation to the test and offer all our customers a 12 Month guarantee on all workmaship carried out by our electricians.

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Chances are, you've hired an electrician in the past, only to find that once the job is done, they're not interested in you any more. We regularly touch base with our customers to make sure everything is in working order, and if something is not working properly, come and promptly fix the issue. Talk about care!

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Sometimes, all we want is a patient, friendly, and honest electrician to ask a few questions about our electrical needs. So whether it's something as small as fixing a broken light, to something as big as installing and designing your backyard garden lighting, just give us a call and we'll sort you out!

Signs You Need Outdoor Lighting Electrician

  • You struggle to get your key in the door after a long day at work
  • You want to enjoy more time outside without leaving the comfort of your home
  • Deter potential criminals from even considering getting close to your home
  • You want to spend quality time with family eating outside in the backyard on warm summer evenings
  • Returning home to a beautifully lit driveway after a long day at work would lift your spirits
  • You’d like your guests to be able to appreciate your garden when you host parties during summer

Wondering if You Need Outdoor Lighting?

Not sure if you need an outdoor lighting installation? Here are some common reasons why homeowners in Hills District call us for outdoor lighting installations.

Ideal for Illuminating Your Yard

The issue with poor or no illumination at all in your yard is that it casts a dull presence over the area. Sometimes, when we install outdoor lighting in your yard, we omit some important not-so-conspicuous areas. Illuminating these hard-to-see areas can bring out the beauty in our outdoors.

For our clients desiring a welcoming outdoor space, we typically recommend strategically placed garden and pathway lighting. These not only highlight your landscaping but also provide a warm, inviting glow for those peaceful evenings in your yard.

Opting for Energy-efficient Outdoor Lighting Alternatives

The challenge with efficient outdoor lighting is that it can send your electricity bills soaring through the roof if you do not use energy-efficient lighting installations. Opting for energy-efficient lighting not only saves you money, but also helps you contribute to a sustainable environment.

For residents who are looking to cut down on energy bills, GlobileNet sources energy-efficient bulbs, wiring, and installations from trusted brands to help you light up your home’s exterior in the most energy-efficient method. Installing LED lights helps you achieve a perfect blend of energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Enhance Your Home’s Security

Poor outdoor lighting can lead to unauthorized entry into your property, especially at night times. To keep criminal elements away from your property at night, it is advisable to install sufficient and efficient outdoor lighting on your premises.

Consider installing high-quality security lighting, which can also help provide adequate camera lighting at night times. At GlobileNet, we recommend motion sensor lighting for practical and effective security. This will automatically illuminate key areas around your home when motion is detected, dissuading potential intruders.

Upgrading Your Outdoor Lighting Installation

If you’re hosting the next barbecue night or planning an outdoor gathering for you and your friends at your place, poor outdoor lighting can severely mar the experience for you and your friends. If the lighting in your yard won’t provide the needed illumination for outdoor activities like this, you need to consult an experienced outdoor lighting electrician to upgrade your existing lighting installation.

You can install powerful floodlights and maybe, some chandeliers on your porch to add aesthetics to the mix. Depending on your needs, you can also consider well-placed deck lighting and adjustable ambiance lighting to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Improving the Aesthetics of Your Property

Many homeowners underestimate the impact that a lack of proper illumination can have on the aesthetics of their property. Without strategically placed lights, the beauty of the landscaping and building fades into obscurity during the evening hours.

Just as the right indoor lighting can give your home’s interior a massive facelift. The right outdoor lighting can bring the dark corners and unnoticed details on your property to life. Aesthetic lighting is usually placed strategically to showcase the unique architectural elements of the building.

Styling Your Outdoor Space

Neglecting the illumination of your outdoor space can result in a lackluster and uninspiring environment. Without intentional lighting choices, your outdoor area may appear unappealing at night. But with the right outdoor lighting, you can style your outdoors with custom lighting installation. However, it is advisable to consider energy consumption and functionality as well.

Common Outdoor Lightings GlobileNet Installs

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting serves a dual purpose, providing a useful guide on walkways, driveways, and around your house at night and enhancing the overall ambiance of your outdoor space. This kind of light helps to bring out the beauty of your home and landscape, especially at night as it highlights key features of your property.

It is not advisable to handle maintenance or installation by yourself, as improper installation can cause safety hazards. For example, burying wiring for recessed lights requires professional installation and periodic maintenance to ensure the wires are not damaged over time. There is also the concern for compliance with safety regulations for the safe use of pathway lighting.

For a touch of sophistication and energy efficiency, we often recommend low-voltage LED pathway lights. These lights offer a gentle, warm glow and are customizable to suit the specific layout of your pathways. We typically start with a detailed on-site assessment to know the best positions around your premises to mount fixtures for optimal illumination.

Security Lighting

Security lighting can be solar-powered, motion sensor lights, or LED lights. But it is energy-efficient when you use motion sensor LED lights. Security lighting plays a crucial role in improving the safety of your home. By strategically placing high-intensity lights in areas susceptible to unauthorized access, security lighting highlights your property’s unique characteristics, while considering factors like terrain and layout.

However, you need an expert in security lighting for effective maintenance and error-free installation. You can also integrate the installation into your home’s overall security system to ensure energy efficiency. For instance, GlobileNet can also install smart security lighting that works with security cameras, and you can control it easily from within your home.

But, you can also opt for a more budget-friendly and less sophisticated security lighting for your property. For example, to get optimal security and energy efficiency, we often recommend motion-activated floodlights. These lights remain in a low-power mode but instantly brighten when motion is detected, effectively surprising and deterring potential intruders.


Floodlights are powerful illuminators that cast broad, intense beams across your yard. Floodlights provide uniform illumination that turns your entire yard into a well-lit haven. For this, you can use modern bulbs that not only deliver intense light but also minimize electricity consumption. Whether you’re hosting a lively outdoor event or simply enjoying a quiet night under the stars, the right floodlights can help create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Your floodlights actually require regular inspection, cleaning, and checking for any damage or wear. This includes making sure the bulbs, casing, and wiring are in good condition, including cleaning the lenses and fixtures. In addition to simple DIYs, we typically recommend consulting a professional outdoor lighting electrician to ensure your floodlights are just as bright as you need them to be.

When your floodlights are too bright, you could be dealing with high energy consumption and potential light pollution. However, a well-designed and properly installed floodlight system can reduce energy consumption, enhance security and safety, and improve visibility in your walkway, driveway, garden, backyard, and other outdoor areas.

LED floodlights are a popular choice for homeowners in Sydney’s Hills District. These lights also have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Other common floodlights are Halogen floodlights, which are very bright, Dusk-to-dawn floodlights (automatically adjust to the lighting conditions and turn off and back on automatically), and Solar-powered floodlights that use solar panels to capture energy from the sun and store it for use at night.

Wall Lights

Wall Lights make your property more attractive while illuminating your outdoor space. Outdoor wall lighting is often a low-voltage and moderately bright lighting solution, primarily designed for safety and accent lighting. While often used for decorative purposes, these lights provide ambient or accent illumination. It is ideal for illuminating recessed areas, pathways, walkways, and stairways.

Additionally, their versatile installation allows wall lights to be easily mounted on various vertical surfaces. You can wire them into a standard house current or connect them through an extension cord. There are different types of wall lighting depending on your preference. The flush mount fixtures: are fairly compact and attach to the wall. Semi-flush mount fixtures have a base that attaches to the wall, while the part of the fixture that holds the light bulb extends outward. If you want classic and elegant wall lighting, you can opt for lanterns.

Wall lights are easy to maintain with regular cleaning, but always consult a trusted outdoor lighting electrician for repairs and replacements. We carefully select the right wall lights to complement the design of your home while providing essential perimeter illumination for added security. We consider factors like the placement of outdoor living spaces, landscaping elements, and potential security vulnerabilities to recommend a tailored wall lighting solution for your home. For example, for homes that want aesthetic wall lighting, we often recommend decorative wall lights.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are commonly used for decorative lighting and are perfect for you if you want to add a little beauty to your front porch. These ceiling-mounted lights come in a variety of designs that can transform your outdoor area into a visual masterpiece. They require very simple maintenance and installation and are ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

When considering pendant lights, it’s important to note that installation may require adjustments to the electrical wiring and ceiling mounting, which requires professional assistance. Maintenance involves regular cleaning of the fixtures and bulbs to ensure optimal light output. Keep in mind that pendant lights can be limited by their downward-directed illumination, potentially creating shadows and uneven lighting in some spaces. So, it’s best to use them for decorative purposes.

If you’re seeking pendant lighting that offers both elegance and energy efficiency, we often recommend LED pendant outdoor lights. LED lights often come in stylish designs but also contribute to lower energy consumption. Weather-resistant pendant lights, on the other hand, are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and are typically made of durable materials like aluminum or polyethylene. Another type is the ceiling pendant lights, which are mounted on the porch.

Motion Sensors

These are modern lights that can also be used indoors and outdoors. They typically come on their own when motion is detected in the vicinity where the light is mounted and go off when there is an absence of motion. For the eco-conscious homeowner or those looking to save on energy bills, motion sensor lights are a perfect catch — a smart and energy-efficient lighting control solution.

For enhanced control over your outdoor lighting, consider utilizing advanced motion sensors equipped with adjustable sensitivity and timing features. These sophisticated sensors offer an elevated level of customization, allowing you to tailor the lighting response to your specific requirements and preferences. With the capability to detect movement from an extended distance, these sensors provide better functionality for securing your outdoor space.

Garden Lights

Garden lights are crafted to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Homeowners can opt for Tree and Bush Lights, Post Lights, or Decorative Landscape Lights, all of which contribute to the overall charm of the garden. Garden lights come in various types and styles, including rope lights, string lights, and tree and bush lights. Rope lights are flexible and can be shaped into different designs, while string lights are typically used for basic illumination.

Rope lights are flexible and versatile, making them suitable for creating decorative effects, especially around outdoor patios or garden structures. However, they may not be suitable for providing focused or task lighting in specific areas, such as pathways or entryways. On the other hand, string lights are typically used for basic illumination and can be employed to create a charming and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space. But, they may not be sufficient as the primary light source in larger outdoor areas where more comprehensive illumination is needed

Tree and Bush lights can be very useful for lighting up trees around your home during the Christmas and New Year holidays. For post lights, LED options are suitable for year-round use due to their longevity their longevity and energy efficiency. Decorative landscape lights are also available in various designs, so you can choose which aligns with your preferences.

Are You Seeking Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Outdoor Lighting Solutions?

If you’re on the lookout for energy-efficient and sustainable outdoor lighting solutions, LED lighting technology is the trend today, as they are a brilliant and energy-saving option. At GlobileNet, we recommend LED lights to homeowners looking for longer-lasting, low-energy-consuming outdoor lighting installations.

From pathway lights to security lighting, LED lights offer sustainable and aesthetically pleasing designs. The cost-effective nature of these lights lies in their energy efficiency. LED lights consume significantly less electricity than traditional light bulbs, translating to lower energy bills. Their longer lifespan reduces the frequency of replacements, also minimizing maintenance costs.

Additionally, the integration of solar-powered lights amplifies the cost-saving benefits. By harnessing solar energy, these lights operate independently from the electrical grid, saving you electricity costs. Over time, the combination of LED and solar technology not only reduces environmental impact but also provides substantial long-term savings for homeowners. GobileNet also installs smart controls in your home, so your outdoor lighting adapts to your lifestyle.

Important Points To Note for Outdoor Lighting Installations

  1. Use low voltage (24 volts) for garden lighting to ensure safety. Low voltage reduces the risk of electric shock and is safer for outdoor environments. Also, extra-low voltage cables are designed to withstand exposure to weather elements, ensuring longevity.
  2. Consider larger diameter cables for longer runs to prevent voltage drop over longer distances, maintaining consistent illumination.
  3. Place 24-volt transformers indoors in dry areas to avoid damage.
  4. Opt for rust-resistant light fittings, such as copper or stainless steel, for durability and reduced maintenance needs.
  5. Powder coating provides an additional layer of protection, making light fittings more resilient against moisture and wet weather.
  6. Dealing with inadequate illumination as quickly as you can:
    • Strategically place fixtures for effective illumination.
    • Conduct regular inspections and ensure timely repairs.
    • Ensure you get professional electricians for all installations, especially for safety reasons.
  7. Highlight correct wiring, positioning, and compatibility for lasting performance.

At GlobileNet, we employ the best safety measures to ensure your lighting installations are perfect and functional. This includes the use of low-voltage, LED lights, larger diameter and weather-resistant cables, and durable fixtures. We also provide a 24-hour service and full warranty on all installations and supplies, giving you the peace of mind that all our clients enjoy.


  • The wires for my backyard lighting aren't well hidden and are a bit of an eye sore. Can you rewire and hide exposed backyard lighting cables so they’re not visible?
    Yes, absolutely. We can either wire your cables underground, with a conduit in the case of high voltage, or enclose them with durable cable covers. Either way, the look and safety of your backyard will be much improved.

    Exposed cables are not just an eye sore, but a real safety risk in outdoor environments where they can be damaged by weather, people, garden tools, pets, etc. This can lead to electrical shorts and shocks.

    Poorly wired outdoor lighting may be against Local Council regulations. Don’t risk the safety or legal consequences. Contact us today for a free call out and quote, and get your cable problem out of sight, and out of mind.
  • I’m looking to install some lights in the backyard. I’m after a specific look and feel, but also don’t want to blow my budget. What would you recommend?
    We understand budget constraints and are confident we can provide you affordable options that achieve your desired look.

    One solution is to install only a few lights now, but the cabling to support additional lights in the future. We can arrange it so that you can even add those additional lights yourself, as the funds become available.

    We also recommend you focus on specific areas. Consider which places would be most improved in terms of safety and aesthetic by lighting, e.g. verandas, pathways, seating areas, garden beds, or focal points like trees or water features.

    Let us help you create a beautiful yet budget friendly design. Contact us today and get started with a free 1 hour consultation and quote.
  • I would like some security lights near the front door to be motion sensor activated. Does this require some special kind of wiring?
    No, motion sensor activated security lights do not require special wiring, only existing wiring.

    It’s possible your home will not have a wiring route to the desired location of your security lighting. In that case, we can easily and safely install an additional wiring route.

    Motion sensor activated security lights are a great way to improve your home’s safety and your peace of mind. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.
  • I have solar panels installed on the roof and would like to power my outdoor lights using them. Are you able to wire the two electrical systems together?
    Yes - provided your solar panel system has enough capacity, we can wire your systems together.

    After an assessment of your solar panel system, we’ll tell you if it’s possible to connect your outdoor lighting. We’d recommend you switch to energy-efficient lighting such as LED lights if you haven’t already, and may suggest installing a solar charge controller to keep the supply consistent and safe. We’ll then wire the systems together according to relevant safety standards, and fully test the set up to ensure it functions correctly.
  • Are the outdoor lights you install weatherproof? My backyard has no cover, so if it rains, I’m worried that they’re going to get water damage.
    Yes, all our outdoor lighting is weatherproof. Even in the case of heavy rains, you can rest assured your lighting is safe and durable.

    Your safety is our priority. We ensure your outdoor lighting fixtures, cables and connections are made out of durable materials and installed in a way that protects them from the elements, people, pets, etc. For example, we always run cables underground or protect them with cable covers.
  • I have a general, high-level idea of the kind of outdoor lighting I want, but I’m not sure what’s possible, and also have a limited budget. Can you provide advice to help me come to a decision?
    We understand budget constraints and wanting to keep your energy bill low. We've been energy-efficient since 2011, and pride ourselves on offering efficient and smart solutions to our customers.

    There’s a number of ways you can reduce installation and running costs:
    • Focus on Specific Areas - Consider which areas would be most improved in terms of safety and aesthetic by lighting, e.g. verandas, pathways, seating areas, garden beds, or focal points like trees or water features.
    • Choose Energy-Efficient & Renewable Options - LED lights now come in various styles, low-voltage lighting may achieve your desired look, and some areas may even be suitable for solar-powered lights.
    • Install Smart Features - By using sensors, timers and dimmers, you’ll only have your lights on, and at the necessary brightness, when you need them. We can even integrate your lights with your Smart Home system, including app control, so that you never have to worry about leaving your lights on for hours again.