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Whether you’re a homeowner, buyer or seller, tenant or landlord, a safe and up-to-date electrical system is essential. With decades of experience, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your entire system and provide the comprehensive documentation you need for any transactions.

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Consultation Before Working On Every Job

You know what you need on a high level, but the devil is in the detail. Before each job, we provide in-depth consultations on the various options available to you, the benefits and risks of each, so that you can make the best informed decision for your beautiful home.

Transparent Quote and No Hidden Fees

Nothing sours an otherwise good experience than an unexpected (and large!) bill. With GlobileNet, you can expect a fully itemised, fully detailed, and fully transparent quote with no hidden fees so that you know exactly what you're getting at exactly what price!

Workmanship Guarantee

We pride ourselves in our quality, lasting, and worldclass electrical workmanship. That's why we confidently put our reputation to the test and offer all our customers a 12 Month guarantee on all workmaship carried out by our electricians.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Chances are, you've hired an electrician in the past, only to find that once the job is done, they're not interested in you any more. We regularly touch base with our customers to make sure everything is in working order, and if something is not working properly, come and promptly fix the issue. Talk about care!

Local and Friendly

Sometimes, all we want is a patient, friendly, and honest electrician to ask a few questions about our electrical needs. So whether it's something as small as fixing a broken light, to something as big as installing and designing your backyard garden lighting, just give us a call and we'll sort you out!

Signs You Need House Electrical Inspection

  • You’ve never had an electrical inspection in your current home
  • You have found your dream home, but want peace of mind before purchasing
  • You’d like to identify what changes can be made to be more energy-efficient and save on your electricity bills
  • You’ve recently installed new appliances which may require more support from your existing electrical system
  • To save on costs, you’d like to install a solar panel system

Putting your Family’s Safety First - When to get a Electrical Inspection for your Home

Keeping your electrical system running smoothly is not just about avoiding outages, it’s crucial for your family’s safety. Getting a comprehensive house electrical inspection from a qualified electrician is one way to spot and fix electrical risks before they become accidents.

A comprehensive inspection goes beyond the “big” things like your switchboard, it involves a check of each and every powerpoint, light fitting, appliance, switch, smoke alarm and more. The idea is to reveal any current problems as well as potential issues, ensuring your home is a safe place both now and in the future.

There’s particular times when a house electrical inspection is highly recommended, including:

  • Before Moving In – Whether it be a new home or rental, getting a house electrical inspection is essential. The previous owner or landlord may have done an inspection, but it’s best to get an independent look and there’s always the possibility they’ve overlooked “small” issues. We’ll make sure to provide a thorough inspection and report, complete with recommendations for repairs, so you can be sure you’re moving your family into a safe dwelling.
  • When You Live in an Older Home – As they are particularly prone to electrical hazards, it’s recommended to get older homes inspected regularly. As GlobileNet exclusively services the Hills District, we’ve developed an expertise in servicing older homes. We pay special attention to your wiring, looking for signs of early deterioration or corrosion, and to your switchboard. Unlike less experienced electricians we know when something can be repaired, and when it really should be replaced.
  • After a Severe Weather Event – Your home is especially at risk after storms or other severe weather events. Even if you’re not experiencing electrical issues, it’s important to get your system inspected as soon as possible following an intense weather event.

In this situation, GlobileNet will pay special attention to water ingress and look for signs of short circuits as these are common issues after storms. From there we will recommend repairs, replacements and upgrades both to fix current damage and to safeguard your house against future weather events. These upgrades may include surge protectors, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) or other safety devices.

When an Electrician is More than Just an Electrician: Getting the Legal Steps Right in your Transaction

Buying or selling a home can be overwhelming and confusing. Amongst all the factors that go into the value of a house, a sound electrical system is often overlooked. Yet a faulty electrical system can cause problems for buyers and sellers for years to come. Such issues can be avoided by getting a comprehensive house electrical inspection before a sale is finalised.

If You’re Selling Your Home it’s best to have a complete electrical inspection of your home done before you make any moves to engage a real estate agent or list your property. This ensures that if any issues pop up, you’ll have time to fix them before you have interested buyers come and go. Providing prospective buyers with a certified report demonstrating your home is safe and ready to move into can go a long way in building trust and therefore a smoother transaction.

GlobileNet is fully qualified to perform electrical inspections of all types of residences and provide compliance certificates. Our report will include our contact information, licence number and qualifications, and can be relied upon in legal transactions.

If You’re Buying a Home you’ll want to get your own inspections done before exchanging contracts. Even if the seller has conducted an inspection and produces a report, it’s best practice to get an independent review.

What if I’ve already signed? In NSW there’s a 5 day cooling-off period after the exchange of contracts and the deposit. If you haven’t already, this is a good time to get an inspection done. If you’ve missed this, there’s still often another 6-8 weeks before settlement when you can do final inspections. Note that it is very difficult after settlement to hold a seller liable for electrical issues you uncover.

Our team brings a keen eye for detail to every inspection. We’ll alert you to any electrical issues that require attention urgently or before the purchase is completed. We’ll also provide you with a report that details time that will likely require attention in the future so that you can take them into account in making your decision to purchase a home. We can even communicate directly with your and/or the seller’s real estate agent, giving you more headspace for all the other tasks involved in moving.

How to Read a House Electrical Inspection Report

When you first pick up a house electrical inspection report, you’ll see a series of headings, followed by components, checks and comments. You’ll also see technical terms like “polarity” or “Residual Current Device”. Don’t worry – GlobileNet can explain these in layman’s terms, and help you understand the report, what parts to pay attention to, and what you may need to do in response.

The most important things to look for are:

  • Items that did not pass the “check” – Electrical components that are not compliant will need your attention, possibly immediately. GlobileNet will always provide solutions to the issues we spot and do our best to get your home’s electrical system fully compliant ASAP.
  • Items that have comments – Some items will have passed the check, but will have comments about the level of wear or likelihood of needing replacement in the future. GlobileNet cares not just about your immediate safety, but about protecting your family for the long-term. We’ll be sure to leave comments where we’ve noticed signs of wear even if they aren’t urgent.
  • Recommendations – Required or recommended replacements and upgrades to make sure your system runs safely and efficiently. GlobileNet is committed to helping you become increasingly energy efficient and future-proof your home.

If you’re getting ready for a transaction, we’ll help you understand whether the house is ultimately ready for sale or, if not, what needs to be done. As your local electrician, we don’t believe our job is done when the report is complete. Our job is done when your home’s electrical system is in good condition and your family (or the buyer’s family) is safe and sound.


  • Are you legally qualified to perform a comprehensive house electrical inspection?
    Yes, as licensed electricians we are fully qualified to perform house electrical inspections and provide compliance certificates.

    You can find our Electrical Licence certified by Service NSW here.
  • Are you familiar with local electrical regulations and codes?
    Yes, we’re well-versed and compliant with Hills District Council rules and regulations, and stay up-to-date with any changes.

    We’re also familiar with state and national standards, so you can be sure our inspections cover all the relevant requirements.
  • Do you provide a detailed report after the inspection? What information does it contain and can it be used in legal transactions?
    Yes, we’ll provide you with a detailed report after the inspection.

    In the case of compliance, we’ll issue a compliance certificate that can be used for legal transactions. In the event of non-compliance, we’ll provide detailed reasons.

    The report will include the following details:
    • Our contact information, licence number and qualifications
    • Property address and other details
    • Date and scope of inspection
    • Findings and observations, including details of non-compliance (if relevant)
    • Recommendations
    • Photographs
    • Signature and seal

    Note: Before making any transactions, ensure you conduct a general building inspection and receive a ‘Standard Property Report’. Don’t waste time searching, let us connect you with a trusted local professional in our wide network.
  • Do you provide any warranty or guarantee for the accuracy and findings of your house electrical inspections?
    Yes, all our services including house electrical inspections are insured.

    In the event that we make an error and it leads to financial loss, you can be compensated for the damages incurred.
  • What is covered in your house electrical inspection service?
    Our comprehensive house electrical inspection service includes:
    • Switchboard and safety switches
    • Wiring and connections (according to AS/NZS 3000-2018 Wiring Rules)
    • Powerpoints and switches
    • Lighting
    • Appliance connections
    • Grounding and surge protection devices
    • Smoke detectors

    ...and more depending on your home’s specific electrical system.
  • I need the house electrical inspection report ASAP for a sale. How soon can I schedule an inspection with you and how long will it take?
    In this case, we can prioritise your inspection. Contact us today for our earliest appointment.

    A typical inspection takes from 2 to 4 hours. The exact duration depends on factors such as the size and age of your home.

    In most cases we’ll be able to issue your report and compliance certificate within X hours/days after the inspection.
  • What sort of issues do you typically uncover in a house electrical inspection?
    The most common issues we uncover include:
    • Faulty or exposed wiring
    • Early stages of deterioration and corrosion in wiring
    • Non-compliant or poorly functioning switchboards
    • Damaged powerpoints and switches
    • Poor grounding

    All these issues can present major risks to your family or its occupants, and make your home not eligible for sale or rent. Contact us today to ensure your house is safe and transaction ready.
  • Do you offer specialised inspections for specific issues like outdated wiring?
    Yes, for homes that are older than 10 years, we pay specific attention to the wiring. We’ll look for early signs of deterioration and corrosion, frayed wires, loose connections, overloaded circuits, and outdated components.

    We’ll then outline the necessary steps to bring your wiring up-to-date with the latest AS/NZS 3000-2018 Wiring Rules (Australian Standard New Zealand Standard). These may include a complete or partial rewiring, repairing connections and improving grounding and surge protection.
  • If any issues are found during the inspection, do you provide recommendations for fixing them?
    Yes, we’ll always provide our customers with both recommendations and quotes for fixing any issues that come up during our inspections.

    Plus, if you are trying to sell or rent immediately we’ll prioritise work to get your house fully compliant and transaction ready.
  • I’m looking to buy a house. Can you come and check the electrical systems for any issues?
    Yes, we would be happy to inspect your potential new home.

    Your safety is our priority. We’ll thoroughly check the property’s electrical systems to ensure your family will be free from any hazards, before you make any final decisions.

    Don’t get stuck with unexpected risks and costs after a purchase is finalised. Contact us today and we’ll organise a suitable inspection time with the homeowner, real estate agents and/or developers involved.