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Mounting heavy appliances safely and securely requires expertise, and a poorly mounted appliance is a real hazard. Let us do the assessment and installation, so you can have peace of mind knowing the job’s been done right.

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Signs You Need Dryer Wall Mount Installation

  • You want to prevent your pets from climbing into your dryer
  • You are concerned about your children getting their fingers caught in the dryer door
  • Bending down is causing you back pain that compounds week after week
  • You’ve got a wall mount kit, but you want to ensure that it has been securely set up
  • You take pride in your home and want to make your laundry room more visually appealing
  • You want to make more space in the small laundry room

Protecting Your Appliance and Family - The Dangers of DIY Installation

Whilst installing a dryer wall mount may sound like a simple job to start with, in reality there’s a number of steps that require professional expertise to ensure the safety of your family, yourself and also your dryer. Beyond the immediate risks of handling a heavy appliance without experience, you’ll need to consider issues with the installation such as:

Your Wall Type

The differences between the makeup of drywall, concrete and brick walls determine what mounting equipment is suitable for your dryer. You’ll also need to consider how best to drill through tiles if present.

  • Drywall is relatively lightweight so you’ll need anchors and screws designed to provide secure attachment without causing structural damage. You’ll also need to use a stud finder to carefully locate the wall studs that will anchor the mount.
  • Concrete and brick are very dense and require specialised drill bits and anchors to penetrate the wall. Although brick walls do not have studs, you can use a stud finder to locate the mortar joints which are usually the strongest part of the wall. Without proper expertise, DIY installers run the risk of crumbling concrete or brick, or installing a loose bracket.
  • Tiles are both hard and fragile, and therefore prone to crack or chip during drilling. You’ll need a special drill bit and expertise to properly mount your dryer on a tiled wall.

Your Dryer’s Weight & Size

The specifications of your dryer determine which wall mounts can be used safely. Although it’s obvious that heavier and larger dryers will need bigger and sturdier mounts, checking compatibility is a step DIY installers can overlook until they’ve already unpackaged the mount and gotten started. With a “she’ll be right” attitude it’s tempting to go ahead with the installation, but the risk isn’t worth it. Professionals are used to checking these things and considering it in combination with your wall type.

Safety Factors

Determining where to install your dryer is not just a matter of where it’ll be most convenient to access, although this is an important point. It’s also a matter of considering safety factors such as:

  • Potential Hazards: Checking what’s behind the walls is important before you start drilling into them. GlobileNet’s advanced technology includes cameras that can be manoeuvred inside small cavities and sonar technology to detect water and gas pipes and electrical wires.
  • Powerpoints & Cabling: Incorrect set up and cable management is a problem everywhere, but especially in areas with water such as your laundry. Having cables too close to water leads to risks of shocks, short circuits and electrical fires. Your dryer should be positioned close enough to an available powerpoint to avoid using extension tables or powerboards, usually no more than one metre. GlobileNet can add or move a powerpoint to achieve this. To avoid tripping hazards, any excess cable should be bundled and securely run along walls.

Getting it Level

Once you’ve got the right equipment and a good location, you’ve got to make sure you install the wall mount level or you’ll end up with a lopsided dryer for years to come. Even a centimetre can make a difference, so you’ll need to carefully use a leveller as your mark locations, drill and secure the mount.

Installing a dryer wall mount by yourself is not just a difficult but dangerous job, especially because dryers move so much during operation. Failure to select the right equipment for your wall or dryer, or choosing a spot without considering the above factors will leave your dryer vulnerable to falling at any moment, damaging not only the device but family, friends or even pets nearby.

Avoid these risks to you and your family by getting a professional. Save yourself the trouble of drilling, levelling and securing, call GlobileNet today. With a free on-site consultation, GlobileNet can help you select the right wall mount equipment and location. Our team can get your dryer securely mounted, tested and ready for use. Plus, we always treat your home with respect and clean up completely after ourselves so you can get on with it.

Maximising Your Space - Find the Best Location for Your Dryer

Most laundries are limited in space so it’s important to maximise what you have. Getting the right position for your dryer is a combination of convenience of access and ventilation.

Convenience of Access

Ideally you want easy access to both your dryer and washing machine. Having a dryer mounted can make it easier to load and remove washing. As for top loading washing machines, you’ll need to check you’ve got sufficient room to open the lid and insert and remove clothing without the dryer obstructing you.


Dryers create a lot of heat and moisture during operation which, without proper ventilation, can lead to mould and mildew. Not only is this a hassle to remove, exposure to mildew can pose significant health risks.
It is therefore essential to mount your dryer in a location where there is sufficient ventilation to prevent the build up of moisture and the development of mould. Many dryers include ventilation systems which carry moist air away from the dryer to outdoors. An expert can help you properly install the duct, ensuring you use the right materials and create a clear path for airflow.

Getting the right combination of factors is crucial. At GlobileNet we put your safety first but keep your convenience as a priority, and work to find solutions that fulfil both. In some cases, it might require adding or moving a powerpoint to get the dryer installed in the right spot. That’s an easy job for us. No matter how small your laundry, our team will do the work to make sure you have room for yours.


  • What types of dryer wall mounts do you offer for different dryer sizes and wall types?
    We’ll always offer a wall mount suited to your dryer’s size and weight, and appropriate for your wall type (e.g., drywall, concrete, brick).

    We can also install a stacking kit, allowing you to securely place a dryer on top of a front loading washing machine.
  • How do you ensure the stability and safety of the dryer wall mounts you install?
    Like any secure attachment, it starts from the beginning. We’ll determine your wall type (e.g., drywall, concrete, brick) and carefully find the wall studs that will anchor the mount. We’ll also consider your dryer’s size and weight. From there, we’ll select the appropriate wall mount, anchors and installation methods.

    During the installation, we’ll ensure the bolts are inserted deep into the studs and all screws are well tightened. We’ll check the mount is levelled horizontally and vertically, and position the dryer so its weight is distributed evenly. Finally, we’ll test the dryers stability, including when operating.
  • Does it matter where I place my dryer?
    Yes! Adequate ventilation is crucial for a dryer to function efficiently and safely.

    We make sure there is a good distance between the wall and the dryer according to best practice and the relevant safety regulations.
  • What precautions do you take to prevent damage to the wall during and after the dryer wall mount installation?
    We take a number of key precautions during our installations to look after your wall.

    Firstly, we always carefully locate and double-check wall studs before any drilling.

    Secondly, we take care to select appropriate and durable materials, including the anchors, bolts and screws. We pre-drill holes to make it easier to insert the screw or bolts, making sure they are well fastened to the recommended torque settings and not over-tightened. This ensures your dryer wall mount will remain securely attached and will not pull away from the wall creating stress and damage over time. We may also use wall protectors.